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Users (OrchardCore.Users)

The Users module enables authentication UI and user management.


The module contains the following features apart from the base feature:

  • Users Change Email: Allows users to change their email address.
  • Users Registration: Allows external users to sign up to the site and ask to confirm their email.
  • Reset Password: Allows users to reset their password.
  • User Time Zone: Provides a way to set the time zone per user.
  • Custom User Settings: See its own documentation page.
  • Users Authentication Ticket Store: Stores users authentication tickets on server in memory cache instead of cookies. If distributed cache feature is enabled it will store authentication tickets on distributed cache.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Services: Provides Two-factor core services. This feature cannot be manually enabled or disable as it is enabled by dependency on demand.
  • Two-Factor Email Method: Allows users to two-factor authenticate using an email.
  • Two-Factor Authenticator App Method: Allows users to two-factor authenticate using any Authenticator App.
  • User Localization: Allows ability to configure user culture per user from admin UI.

Two-factor Authentication

Starting with version 1.7, OrchardCore is shipped with everything you need to secure your app with two-factor authentication. To use two-factor authentication, simply enable "Two-Factor Email Method" and/or "Two-Factor Authenticator App Method" features. You can configure the process based on your need by navigating to Security >> Settings >> User Login. Click on the "Two-Factor Authentication" tab and update the settings as needed.

User Localization

The feature adds the ability to configure the culture per user from the admin UI.

This feature adds a RequestCultureProvider to retrieve the current user culture from its claims. This feature will set a new user claim with a CultureClaimType named "culture". It also has a culture option to fall back to other ASP.NET Request Culture Providers by simply setting the user culture to "Use site's culture" which will also be the selected default value.

Custom Paths

If you want to specify custom paths to access the authentication related urls, you can change them by using this option in the appsettings.json:

  "OrchardCore": {
    "OrchardCore_Users": {
      "LoginPath": "Login",
      "LogoffPath": "Users/LogOff",
      "ChangePasswordUrl": "ChangePassword",
      "ChangePasswordConfirmationUrl": "ChangePasswordConfirmation",
      "ExternalLoginsUrl": "ExternalLogins",
      "ExternalLoginsUrl": "ExternalLogins",
      "TwoFactorAuthenticationPath": "TwoFactor"