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ContentLocalization (OrchardCore.ContentLocalization)

This module allows you to localize your content items.


Attach this part to a content type to manage multiple localized versions of a content item.

ContentCulturePicker (OrchardCore.ContentLocalization.ContentCulturePicker)

ContentCulturePicker Feature

The ContentCulturePicker feature helps you manage cultures for the frontend.

Enabling this feature results in

  • A ContentRequestCultureProvider being added as the first method used to determine the current thread culture. This Provider will set the thread culture based on the ContentItem that matches the current url.

The ContentCulturePicker selects the url to redirect using the following rules

  • If the ContentItem has a related ContentItem for the selected culture, it redirects to that Item.
  • OR If a HomePage is specified, attempts to find a Localization of the Homepage ContentItem for the current culture.
  • OR redirects to the current page.

By default, the ContentCulturePicker sets a cookie for the CookieRequestCultureProvider. This can be disabled in the Configuration/Settings/Localization/Content Culture Picker settings page.

The ContentRequestCultureProvider can set the cookie based on the ContentItem that matches the current url. This setting can be edited in the Configuration/Settings/Localization/Content Request Culture Provider settings page.

Recipe Step

The cookie can be set during recipes using the settings step. Here is a sample step:

  "name": "settings",
  "ContentCulturePickerSettings": {
    "SetCookie": true
  "ContentRequestCultureProvider": {
      "SetCookie": true

Liquid filters


Returns the URL of the Action that switches cultures.


{{ Model.Culture.Name | switch_culture_url }}




Returns the content item in the specified culture (defaults to request culture).


{{ Model.ContentItem.Content.LocalizationPart.LocalizationSet | localization_set: "en" }}




The following configuration is used by default and can be customized:

   "OrchardCore": {
    "OrchardCore_ContentLocalization_CulturePickerOptions": {
     "CookieLifeTime": 14 // Set the culture picker cookie life time (in days).