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Security (OrchardCore.Security)

This module adds HTTP headers to follow security best practices.

Security Settings

Enabling the OrchardCore.Security module will allow the user to set the following settings:

Setting Description
ContentSecurityPolicy Gets or sets the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header.
ContentTypeOptions Gets or sets the X-Content-Type-Options HTTP header.
PermissionsPolicy Gets or sets the Permissions-Policy HTTP header.
ReferrerPolicy Gets or sets the Referrer-Policy HTTP header.


The Content-Security-Policy HTTP header contains the frame-ancestors directive which obsoleted the X-Frame-Options HTTP header.

Security Settings Configuration

The OrchardCore.Security module allows the user to use configuration values to override the AdminSettings by calling ConfigureSecuritySettings() extension method.

The following configuration values can be customized:

    "OrchardCore_Security": {
      "ContentSecurityPolicy": {},
      "PermissionsPolicy": { "fullscreen": "self" },
      "ReferrerPolicy": "no-referrer"

For more information please refer to Configuration.