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SMS (OrchardCore.Sms)

This module provides SMS settings configuration.

SMS Settings

Enabling the SMS feature will add a new settings page under Configurations >> Settings >> SMS. You can utilize these settings to set up the default SMS provider configuration. The following are the providers that are readily accessible.

Provider Description
Log This particular provider is exclusively meant for debugging purposes and should never be used in a production environment. It permits the message to be written to the logs.
Twilio Opting for this provider enables the utilization of Twilio service for sending SMS messages. Edit the SMS settings to enable this provider.


After enabling the SMS feature, you must configure the default provider in order to send SMS messages.

Configuring Twilio Provider

To enable the Twilio provider, navigate to Configurations >> Settings >> SMS. Click on the Twilio tab, click the Enable checkbox and provider your Twilio account info. Then in the Providers tab, select Twilio as your default provider.

Adding Custom Providers

The OrchardCore.Sms module provides you with the capability to integrate additional providers for dispatching SMS messages. To achieve this, you can easily create an implementation of the ISmsProvider interface and then proceed to register it using one of the following approaches:

If your provider does not require any settings like the LogProvider, you may register it like this.

services.AddSmsProvider<YourCustomImplemenation>("A technical name for your implementation")

However, if you have a complex provider like the Twilio provider, you may implement IConfigureOptions<SmsProviderOptions> and register it using the following extensions


Here is and example of how we register Twilio complex provider:

public class TwilioProviderOptionsConfigurations : IConfigureOptions<SmsProviderOptions>
    private readonly ISiteService _siteService;

    public TwilioProviderOptionsConfigurations(ISiteService siteService)
        _siteService = siteService;

    public void Configure(SmsProviderOptions options)
        var typeOptions = new SmsProviderTypeOptions(typeof(TwilioSmsProvider));

        var site = _siteService.GetSiteSettingsAsync().GetAwaiter().GetResult();
        var settings = site.As<TwilioSettings>();

        typeOptions.IsEnabled = settings.IsEnabled;

        options.TryAddProvider(TwilioSmsProvider.TechnicalName, typeOptions);

Sending SMS Message

An SMS message can be send by injecting ISmsService and invoke the SendAsync method. For instance

public class TestController
    private readonly ISmsService _smsService;

    public TestController(ISmsService smsService)
        _smsService = smsService;

    public async Task SendSmsMessage()
        var message = new SmsMessage
            To = "17023451234",
            Message = "It's easy to send an SMS message using Orchard!",

        var result = await _smsService.SendAsync(message);

        if (result.Succeeded) 
            // message was sent!

            return Ok(result);

        return BadRequest(result);


When both the SMS and Workflows features are enabled at the same time, a new "Send SMS" workflow task will become available to allow you to send SMS message using workflow.

SMS Notification (OrchardCore.Notifications.Sms)

This feature provides you a way to send user notifications using SMS based on user preferences. Click here to read more about notifications.


Google's libphonenumber library