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Understanding Content Definition Stores

Content Definitions are a record of the Content Types, Content Parts, and Content Fields used by a tenant.

By default the Content Definitions are stored in the database.

When the File Content Definition feature is enabled it stores content definitions in a ContentDefinition.json file at the root of each tenants App_Data folder, e.g. App_Data/Sites/Default/ContentDefinition.json for the default tenant.

The File Content Definition feature can be very useful during the Development phase of a project.

As you move your site to a Production phase you may wish to disable the feature and store the Content Definitions in the database.

To migrate your ContentDefinition.json file to the database use the following procedure:

Step One - Create a Deployment Plan

  • Go to the Configuration -> Import/Export -> Deployment Plans menu
  • Select Add Deployment Plan
  • Name your Deployment Plan: 'Content Definitions'
  • Select the 'Content Definitions' Deployment Plan
  • Select Add Step
  • Choose the Update Content Definitions Step
  • Check the Include all content types and parts definitions. checkbox
  • Execute your Deployment Plan, and select the File Download Target

This will download a file called to your computer.

Step Two - Disable the File Content Definition Feature

  • Go to the Configuration -> Features menu
  • Disable the Feature named File Content Definition

Step Three - Import your Deployment Plan

  • Go to the Configuration -> Import/Export -> Import Package menu
  • Choose the file you created in Step One, and select Import


You just learnt how to create a Deployment Plan to migrate from the File Content Definition feature.