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Title (OrchardCore.Title)

The Title module provides a Title Part that lets you customize the DisplayText property of a content item. The DisplayText property is used throughout the Admin interface to help you recognize your content items.


Attach this part to your content items to customize the DisplayText property of a ContentItem.

TitlePart Settings

By default, attaching the TitlePart will allow content editors to manually edit the DisplayText (title) of a ContentItem.

You can also generate the Title by specifying a pattern using a Liquid expression.

The Pattern has access to the current ContentItem and is executed on ContentItem update. For example, fields can be used to generate the pattern. The following example uses a Text field named Name, on a Product content type.

{{ ContentItem.Content.Product.Name.Text }}


The following shapes are rendered when the Title Part is attached to a content type.

Name Display Type Default Location Model Type
TitlePart Detail Header:5 TitlePartViewModel
TitlePart Summary Header:10 TitlePartViewModel

View Model

The following properties are available in the TitlePartViewModel class.

Name Type Description
Title string The title property of the part.
TitlePart TitlePart The TitlePart instance.