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Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award

After the passing of our beloved Jean-Thierry to honor him, keep his memory alive, and foremost, inspire people to do good work for the community, we launched an award named after him for exceptional community members.

Every year, the community votes on who has done the most for Orchard Core. This can entail activities in the form of e.g. code contributions (including documentation), help under issues and discussion, evangelization outreach, community management, or anything else. However, it needs to be public and tangible.

After a public round of nominations, the community votes on the nominees secretly. The winner is then announced at the annual Orchard Harvest conference.

Perks of winning the Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award

The award is foremost about recognition. However, the community provides some perks too:

  • Mention of each year's winner in the docs above.
  • Post about it under the Orchard X account.
  • Lombiq provides free custom domain usage on DotNest and publicizing the winner in Lombiq's media.

Winners of the Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award

We'll have the first Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award for our Orchard Harvest conference in 2024.

Organizing the Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award

This is how we organize the Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award:

  • Announce it during the weekly meeting, the discussion board, and the issue tracker with a pinned issue.
  • Ask community members to nominate people in public under the discussion board for a set amount of time, like two weeks.
  • Collect votes for the top nominees privately, e.g. via Microsoft 365 Forms.
  • Announce the winner at Orchard Harvest, during the keynote.