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Integrate Facebook Social Plugins

In order to integrate Social plugins from Facebook, you must enable and configure The OrchardCore.Facebook.Widgets module. You can learn more about here

What you will build

You will build a Blog and give the ability to your readers to share quotes using the Quote Plugin.

What you will need

Follow the guide to create a new Orchard Core CMS website

Login to admin and enable Facebook Social Plugins Widgets Feature

Navigate to https://localhost:5001/admin and enable the Facebook Social Plugins Widgets.


Create a new application at and copy the appid and app secret to https://localhost:5001/Admin/Settings/OrchardCore.Facebook


Navigate to https://localhost:5001/OrchardCore.Layers/Admin/Index. At the Footer Zone Press Add Widget and Select Facebook Quote from the list.


Give a title and publish the widget.


Check the result

Navigate to a blog post eg. https://localhost:5001/blog/post-1 and select the title. Now you can share is as a Quote.



You just integrated the "Facebook Quote" Social Plugin to your Blog!