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Placements (OrchardCore.Placements)

The placements module allows editors to add custom placement logic.

General concepts

Custom placements can be provided by themes and modules using a placement.json file.

The placements module provides a way to define placements from the admin site.

Placement precedence

Placements defined in placements module override placements defined by theme and modules.

Placements storage

Placements defined with this module are stored in the database by default.

You can also choose to store placements in a file by enabling 'Placements file storage' (OrchardCore.Placements.FileStorage) feature.

Shape placements format

Placements are defined by shape name. For each shape you can define a set of placements rules. Placements rules is a JSON array, similar to a placement.json file entry, as defined in the Placement documentation.