Lists (OrchardCore.Lists)



These shapes are available for theming when a ListPart is attached to a content item.

Name Display Type Default Location Model Type
ListPart Detail, DetailAdmin Content:10 ListPartViewModel


The following properties are available on the ListPartViewModel class.

Property Type Description
ListPart ListPart The ListPart instance.
ContentItems IEnumerable<ContentItem> The content items the part is made of.
ContainedContentTypeDefinitions IEnumerable<ContentTypeDefinition> The content types the list accepts.
Context BuildPartDisplayContext The current display context.
Pager dynamic The pager for the list.


The following properties are available on the ListPart class.

Name Type Description
Content The raw content of the part.
ContentItem The content item containing this part.


The following example is used to render the items of a ListPart and customize the pager.
For instance it can be set in a file named Blog-ListPart.liquid to override the Blog content type only.

{% for item in Model.ContentItems %}
    {{ item | shape_build_display: "Summary" | shape_render }}
{% endfor %}

{% assign previousText = "Newer Posts" | t %}
{% assign nextText = "Older Posts" | t %}
{% assign previousClass = "previous" | t %}
{% assign nextClass = "next" | t %}

{% shape_pager Model.Pager previous_text: previousText, next_text: nextText,
    previous_class: previousClass, next_class: nextClass %}

{{ Model.Pager | shape_render }}