Facebook Module

OrchardCore.Facebook provides the following features

  • Core Components
  • Facebook Login
  • Facebook Widgets

Configuration can be set through the Configuration -> Facebook settings menu in the admin dashboard.

Core Components

Registers the Facebook App with site.

Available settings are:

  • AppId: Facebook application id.
  • AppSecret: The application secret.
  • Javascript SDK Version: The FB SDK to load
  • Javascript Sdk js: The sdk js file to load
  • Init on every page: If set the sdk is loaded on every page, otherwise on demand.
  • Parameters for the FB.init() call: a comma separated key-values that are passed to the FB.init() function

Check Facebook SDK for JavaScript for more info.

AppId and AppSecret settings are available in the facebook for developers application's page, under Basic Settings.

It registers the sdk with ResourceManager (resources: fb and fbsdk), so you can use it from liquid or razor templates

Facebook Login

Authenticates users from Facebook.
If the site allows to register new users, a local user is created and the Facebook login is linked.
If a local user with the same email is found, then the external login is linked to that account, after authenticating.

The Facebook Login Product should be enabled in the facebook for developers page for web apps, and a valid OAuth redirect URI must be set.

Available settings are:

  • CallbackPath: The request path within the application's base path where the user-agent will be returned. The middleware will process this request when it arrives.
    If no value is provided, setup facebook app to use the default path /signin-facebook.

Users Registration

  • If you want to enable new users to register to the site through their Facebook login, the OrchardCore.Users.Registration feature must be enabled and setup accordingly.
  • An existing user can link his account to his Facebook login through the External Logins link from User menu

Facebook Social Plugins Widgets

This modules adds a FacebookPlugin part that can be used to integrate the Social Plugins
It defines the following widgets:

  • Chat
  • Comments
  • Continue With
  • Like
  • Quote
  • Save
  • Share