Getting started with an Orchard Core Theme

In this article, we are going to create an Orchard Core Theme by adding it to an existing Orchard Core CMS application created previously.

Create an Orchard Core Theme

  • Install the Code Generation Templates
  • Create a folder with the name of your theme (Ex: MyTheme.OrchardCore) and open it
  • Execute the command dotnet new octheme
  • Add a reference to the theme from the main Orchard Core CMS Web application

A thumbnail can also be created by adding a Theme.png in the wwwwroot folder.


The properties of the theme can be changed in the Manifest.cs file:

using OrchardCore.DisplayManagement.Manifest;

[assembly: Theme(
    Name = "MyTheme",
    Author = "My name",
    Website = "",
    Version = "0.0.1",
    Description = "My Orchard Core Theme description."

The theme should be available in the Active themes admin page, and can be set as the default theme.