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Users (OrchardCore.Users)

The Users module enables authentication UI and user management.


The module contains the following features apart from the base feature:

  • Users Change Email: Allows users to change their email address.
  • Users Registration: Allows external users to sign up to the site and ask to confirm their email.
  • Reset Password: Allows users to reset their password.
  • User Time Zone: Provides a way to set the time zone per user.
  • Custom User Settings: See its own documentation page.

Custom Paths

If you want to specify custom paths to access the authentication related urls, you can change them by using this option in the appsettings.json:

  "OrchardCore": {
    "OrchardCore_Users": {
      "LoginPath": "Login",
      "LogoffPath": "Users/LogOff",
      "ChangePasswordUrl": "ChangePassword",
      "ChangePasswordConfirmationUrl": "ChangePasswordConfirmation",
      "ExternalLoginsUrl": "ExternalLogins"


Last update: April 24, 2022