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GitHub (OrchardCore.GitHub)

This module adds GitHub Authentication to OrchardCore.

Authenticate with GitHub

Authenticates users with their GitHub Account.

Create an OAuth app in the GitHub Developer applications.
In the app details, you must configure the Authorization Callback URL. The default url in OrchardCore is [tenant]/signin-github.

Configuration can be set through the GitHub -> Authenticate with GitHub settings menu in the admin dashboard.

Available settings are:

  • ClientID: Client ID found in your GitHub app.
  • Client Secret: The secret key of your GitHub app.
  • CallbackPath: The request path within the application's base path where the user-agent will be returned. The middleware will process this request when it arrives.
    If no value is provided, setup Authorization callback URL in GitHub app to use the default path /signin-github.

Users Registration

  • If you want to enable new users to register to the site through their GitHub account, the OrchardCore.Users.Registration feature must be enabled and setup accordingly.
  • An existing user can link his account to his GitHub account through the External Logins link from User menu.

Last update: March 10, 2021
Authors: Jasmin Savard