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Starter Recipes and Themes included with Orchard Core

Orchard Core is available for use via two different NuGet meta packages.

  • OrchardCore.Application.Cms.Core.Targets
  • OrchardCore.Application.Cms.Targets

The first package OrchardCore.Application.Cms.Core.Targets is intended for use when

  • Developing a Decoupled Web Site
  • Developing a Headless Web Site
  • Developing a Themed Web Site from scratch

The Core.Targets package contains the minimum you need to setup an Orchard Core installation. It contains TheAdmin theme, and two recipes to base your installation on, but no front end themes.


Any features that are not enabled by the selected setup recipe can be enabled after setup, through the Configuration -> Features menu.

The second package OrchardCore.Application.Cms.Targets contains all of the above plus

  • Setup recipes for the Themes
  • Multiple CMS Starter Themes

Recipes in Orchard Core help you get your site setup by enabling features, and / or creating content types, and content for your site.

Orchard Core Themes can contain Razor or Liquid views, and by default use Orchard Core Display Management techniques to render content.


Empty Recipe

The Empty recipe enables content management features, but does not set a current theme. You can use this recipe when starting Orchard Core in Decoupled Mode, or when building your own theme.

Alternatively you can start with another recipe, and change the active theme after setup.

Empty Recipe Contents

  • Content management features
  • Enables templating via Liquid
  • Activates TheAdmin theme

Headless Recipe

The Headless recipe is intended to get you started when using Orchard Core as an API, and Content Management System, with Administrator access to the host.

Headless Recipe Contents

  • Content management features
  • Secure GraphQL API support
  • OpenID authentication features
  • Activates TheAdmin theme and set Admin as the home route


You will want to review the default security configuration to be certain it suits your requirements.


TheBlogTheme and Blog Recipe

The Blog recipe sets up a range of content types, and widgets, the initial content, and sets the current theme to the TheBlogTheme.

TheBlogTheme is based on the Start Bootstrap Clean Blog Theme

Blog Recipe Contents

  • Content management features
  • Blog related Content Types, and Widgets
  • A blog, and a first blog post, based on the ListPart
  • Liquid templates, in the TheBlogTheme source code
  • Bootstrap

TheAgencyTheme and Agency Recipe

The Agency recipe sets up a range of content types, and widgets, the initial content, and sets the current theme to TheAgencyTheme.

TheAgencyTheme is based on the Start Bootstrap Agency Theme

Agency Recipe Contents

  • Content management features
  • Agency related Content types, and widgets
  • A LandingPage, based on the BagPart
  • Liquid templates, in TheAgencyTheme source code, and Templates feature
  • Bootstrap

ComingSoon Recipe and TheComingSoonTheme

This recipe sets up a range of Content Types, and Widgets, and the initial content of TheComingSoonTheme. It also includes Email, Recaptcha, Forms, Workflows and User Registration Forms.

TheComingSoon theme is based on the Start Bootstrap Coming Soon Theme

ComingSoon Recipe Contents

  • Content management features
  • A Coming Soon landing page, using the the FlowPart, and form Widgets
  • Liquid layout template, in TheComingSoon Source Code
  • Liquid content templates stored in the database with the Templates features
  • Bootstrap

SaaS Recipe with TheTheme

The Saas recipe includes a Software as a Service multi tenancy configuration.

It configures the site to use TheTheme, and you are then able to create Tenants using any of the other recipes.

Saas Recipe Contents

  • Multi-tenancy feature
  • Razor home page and Layout with bootstrap and jQuery

Creating your own recipe

You can create your own recipes for deployment of your Orchard Core websites.

See the Recipes document for more information.

Last update: March 10, 2021
Authors: Jasmin Savard