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Email (OrchardCore.Email)

This module provides the infrastructure necessary to send emails using SMTP.

SMTP Settings

Enabling the OrchardCore.Email module will allow the user to set the following settings:

Setting Description
DefaultSender The email of the sender.
DeliveryMethod The method for sending the email, SmtpDeliveryMethod.Network (online) or SmtpDeliveryMethod.SpecifiedPickupDirectory (offline).
PickupDirectoryLocation The directory location for the mailbox (SmtpDeliveryMethod.SpecifiedPickupDirectory).
Host The SMTP server.
Port The SMTP port number.
AutoSelectEncryption Whether the SMTP select the encryption automatically.
RequireCredentials Whether the SMTP requires the user credentials.
UseDefaultCredentials Whether the SMTP will use the default credentials.
EncryptionMethod The SMTP encryption method SmtpEncryptionMethod.None, SmtpEncryptionMethod.SSLTLS or SmtpEncryptionMethodSTARTTLS.
UserName The username for the sender.
Password The password for the sender.
ProxyHost The proxy server.
ProxyPort The proxy port number.


You must configure ProxyHost and ProxyPort if the SMTP server runs through a proxy server.

Email Settings Configuration

The OrchardCore.Email module allows the user to use configuration values to override the settings configured from the admin area by calling the ConfigureEmailSettings() extension method on OrchardCoreBuilder when initializing the app.

The following configuration values can be customized:

    "OrchardCore_Email": {
      "DefaultSender": "",
      "DefaultSender": "Network",
      "PickupDirectoryLocation": "",
      "Host": "localhost",
      "Port": 25,
      // Uncomment if SMTP server runs through a proxy server
      //"ProxyHost": "",
      //"ProxyPort": 5050,
      "EncryptionMethod": "SSLTLS",
      "AutoSelectEncryption": false,
      "UseDefaultCredentials": false,
      "RequireCredentials": true,
      "Username": "",
      "Password": ""

For more information please refer to Configuration.



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