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Admin (OrchardCore.Admin)

The Admin module provides an admin dashboard for your site.

Custom Admin prefix

If you want to specify another prefix in the urls to access the admin section, you can change it by using this option in the appsettings.json:

  "OrchardCore": {
    "OrchardCore_Admin": {
      "AdminUrlPrefix": "YourCustomAdminUrl"

Customize Admin branding

By default, OrchardCore logo and site name are displayed in the top navbar.

You can change it by overriding 'AdminBranding' shape, either from a custom admin theme or using Admin Templates feature. You can also use this shape to define admin favicon.

Here are samples using logo and favicon from media module.

{% assign favicon_url = 'favicon.ico' | asset_url %}
{% link rel:'shortcut icon', type:'image/x-icon', src:favicon_url %}
{% a area: 'OrchardCore.Admin', controller: 'Admin' , action: 'Index', class: 'ta-navbar-brand' %}
    <img src="{{ 'logo.png' | asset_url }}" alt="{{ Site.SiteName }}" />
    <span>{{ Site.SiteName }}</span>
{% enda %}
<link asp-src="~/media/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" rel="shortcut icon" />

<a class="ta-navbar-brand" asp-route-area="OrchardCore.Admin" asp-controller="Admin" asp-action="Index">
    <img src=@Url.Content("~/media/logo.png") alt="@Site.SiteName" />

Last update: April 24, 2022