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Tenants (OrchardCore.Tenants)

The Tenants module allows to manage tenants from the admin.

Static File Provider Feature

This feature registers a file provider for each tenant in order to serve custom files per tenant, even if they have the same names.

Once enabled on a tenant, a folder wwwroot is created in the App_Data\Sites\[Tenant] folder. Any file that is placed in this folder will be served under the same domain and prefix as the tenant.

Any static file that is placed in the content root folder of the website will be served first.

robots.txt for Tenants

Static File Provider allows you to setup robots.txt per tenant. To create robots.txt for each tenant, Place robots.txt under App_Data\Sites\[Tenant]\wwwroot folder




Last update: June 18, 2021
Authors: Jasmin Savard, Niraj Soni, Zoltán Lehóczky