This topic targets, and was tested with, the Orchard 1.8 release.

The Orchard.Workflows Module in Orchard provides us tools to create custom workflows for events or activities like Content Created, Content Published, Content Removed, Send Email, Timer and many more.

Dependencies : Orchard.Tokens, Orchard.Forms, Orchard.jQuery

In this particular demo , we'll be creating a Contact us Email Notification Workflow. The Orchard.EmailMessaging Module needs to be enabled in order to send email notifications using the Orchard.Workflows Module.


Learn how to Configuring Email

Custom Form

Learn how to Creating Custom Content Types

Learn how to Create Custom Forms

Workflows Demo

1. Creating Workflow

2. Contact Us Email Notification Workflow

3. Editing Contact Us Email Notification Workflow

4. Workflow Starting State

The workflow needs at least one activity to be set as a starting state.

5. Editing Workflow Activity (Form Submitted)

6. Adding a Timer Activity

The Timer Activity adds a delay so that the processing thread doesn't get blocked

7. Editing Timer Activity

8. Adding Send Email Activity

9. Editing Send Email Activity

Using Tokens to access the form posted values by the end-user

New Contact Request by {Content.Fields.ContactUs.Name}

<p>New Contact Request by {Content.Fields.ContactUs.Name}</p>

<p>Email : {Content.Fields.ContactUs.EmailAddress}</p>

<p>Message : {Content.Fields.ContactUs.Message}</p>

10. Submitting Form

11. Workflow Running

12. Blocking Activity

The timer (Blocking Activity) has a delay period of 2 mins

13. Contact Us Email Notification Sent

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