Published: 2/28/2019

This release contains bug fixes and new features.

How to Install Orchard

To install Orchard using WebPI, follow these instructions: Web PI will detect your hardware environment and install the application.

Alternatively, to install the release manually, look for the release files on

The zip contents are pre-built and ready-to-run. Simply extract the contents of the Orchard folder from the zip contents to an IIS virtual directory (or site root) and then point your browser to the site. You can also just extract to a local folder and open the Orchard folder in Visual Studio or WebMatrix as a web site (but not as a web application). Please make sure you have a machine key or you may experience frequent disconnections.

What file to download?

You will find the files to download on our Github release page:

If you just want to use Orchard and don't care about the source code, is what you want to use, preferably through the WebPI instructions. Do not attempt to build the WebPI version in VS. Use the full source if you want to use VS.

If you want to take a look at the source code or want to be able to build the application in Visual Studio, is fine.

If you want to setup a development environment for patch or module development, you should clone the repository by following the instructions here:

Branches are described here:

Who should use this software?

This software is in version 1.10.3. The code is in a stable state and constitutes a solid foundation for building applications, themes and modules. Suggestions are welcome in the discussion forums.

You are allowed to use this software in any way that is compatible with the new BSD license. This includes commercial derivative work.

Breaking Changes

There are no known breaking changes as part of this release compared to 1.10.

What's new?

Orchard 1.10.3 fixes bugs and introduces the following notable changes and features:



  • Added the ability for emails sent to notifiy the sender when the recipient reads the email.
  • build/ClickToBuild.cmd support added for Visual Studio 2017.
  • LifecycleStatus added to FeatureDescriptor, so specific features can be marked as deprecated without marking the whole extension as deprecated.
  • Improved Text Tokens so that all of them are chainable and added TrimStart Token.
  • Added global Media Library permissions: ViewMediaContent, EditMediaContent, DeleteMediaContent, ImportMediaContent.
  • Added support for LocalizationStreamParser to be able to process multi-line PO entries.
  • Added validation to enforce Media folder names that are valid for public URLs.
  • Added scaling option to the Resize Filter in Media Processing.
  • Default ItemController's display type parameter can now be overridden.
  • Updating a content item's Tags received a performance improvement.
  • Added CreatedContent token to be used after submitting a Dynamic Form.
  • Data Migrations now support byte[] columns.
  • Added Workflows Unpublished Event and Unpublish Task.
  • Projection Queries can be configured to use Draft, Published (default) or Latest content versions.
  • A user logging out now takes effect in all sessions.
  • Added CreateContent permission and checking against it when creating content on the Dashboard.
  • Placement configuration provided on the Dashboard only applies to the Dashboard.
  • Added .editorconfig file for Visual Studio 2017 (and above).
  • Added Numberbox (input type="number") editor shape to Orchard.Forms.
  • Deleting Media files now also delete associated files generated by Media Processing in both File System Storage and Azure Blob Storage.
  • Added default connection string for the Azure Storage Emulator to the Orchard.Web's Web.config.


  • Renaming media folders failed when using Azure Blob Storage.
  • TheThemeMachine displayed the AsideFirst and AsideSecond zones incorrectly when using an RTL layout.
  • TaxonomyFields were automatically reconfigured to use the translated version of a Taxonomy when it's created.
  • trying to access the HttpContext caused exception when the Base URL is not set.
  • ContainerWidgetPart did not respect the Position property when ordering contained items.
  • Shape name matching should be case insensitive.
  • Projection Query Bindings can be properly Exported/Imported.
  • Indexing is now more fault-tolerant against invalid ContentItemRecord entries that might be caused by concurrency problems (to be investigated).
  • LocalizationPart is not added to basic content types in the built-in setup recipes anymore (since Orchard.Localization is not enabled by default).
  • Widget displayed from Layout are now properly authorized against.
  • Permissions for managing a specific Navigation is now checked correctly.
  • Uploading files to Media Library is now restriced for files that can be actually media files.
  • The create page command doesn't promote a page to Home Page if it's not published as well (to be consistent with Dashboard behavior and prevent exceptions during setup).
  • The Profiling-Setup build task in Orchard.proj is now able to find Orchard.exe when it has spaces in its path too.

The full list of fixed bugs for this release can be found here:

This release is made possible by the following contributors

How to upgrade from a previous version

You can find migration instructions here: