This topic has been updated for the Orchard 1.0 release.

Orchard lets you save a page as a draft or publish it to your web site. When you publish a page, you can either publish immediately or specify a time when the page should be published. The options for saving or publishing a page are available at the bottom of the Create Page page.

Save a Draft Option

When you want to save a page but do not want the page to be visible to visitors, you can save the page as a draft. You can continue working on the file until it is ready to be published. In the Manage Content page, you can see the files that are currently saved as drafts.

A draft is listed as Not Published and you can use the links to publish, edit, or remove the page. Clicking the Publish link immediately changes the draft to a published page, and visitors will be able to see it immediately.

Publish Now Option

To publish a page immediately, click Publish Now. For a draft page, click the Publish link in Manage Content. In the Manage Content page, you see the files that are published.

You can click links to view, unpublish, edit, or remove the page. Clicking Unpublish immediately turns the published page into a draft.

Publish Later Option

You can schedule the publication of a page for a future time by setting a date and time, and clicking the Publish Later option.

The page will remain as a draft until the publication date and time. No further action is needed to publish the page.

In the Manage Content page, you can see the date and time the draft is scheduled to be published.

Change History

  • Updates for Orchard 1.8
    • 9-05-14: Updated all screen shots for Scheduling and Publishing Draft