Security patch recommended for all versions of Orchard


A CSRF vulnerability has been discovered by Adrian Pastor, MINERVA Information Security Inc. in the Users module that is distributed with the core distribution of the CMS.

The issue allows mass-disabling Orchard logins by tricking an administrator to visit a site containing specifically crafted script while logged in. Mass-approving the creation of user logins was also affected. However, the currently logged in user account is not affected by the attack.

The latest released versions of Orchard (1.9 and 1.8.2) are immune to this vulnerability.

Action Required

  • Apply the patch for your version
  • Or update to Orchard 1.8.2
  • Or update to Orchard 1.9

For older versions of Orchard, we are releasing a patch file that can be applied on top of a running instance of Orchard. The archive for each of these patches contains a Modules folder that has the right structure to be copied into the root directory of an Orchard site. If you are using a source version, you need to copy the contents of the zip file into src/Orchard.Web.

You can find patches for all other previous versions here