When you upload images using the rich-text editor in Orchard (or using an XML-RPC client, such as Windows Live Writer), the images are saved in a Media folder under the root of your Orchard installation. The Media folder must be writable (by the user process that's running the website) in order for image uploads to succeed. If you installed Orchard using the Web Platform Installer, the Media folder write permissions are configured automatically.

To add and delete media folders, click Media in the dashboard.

Browse to a media image file and view the details. The properties of a media file are:

  • Screenshot. A thumbnail preview of the image content.
  • Size and Added on. Properties of the media file.
  • Embed. The URL of the media file, which you can copy to the HTML view of the rich-text editor in order to embed the media image into content.
  • Name. The name of the media file.

To manage the subfolders for your media folder, click Media again on the dashboard. Then click a folder to display the Manage Folder screen.

This screen gives you the options to add or delete media files and to create subfolders.

Click Add a folder to create a new subfolder.

Name the new subfolder (for example, name the subfolder "Pictures") and save it.

Browse to the new subfolder and click Add media.

Orchard lets you upload single media files as well as uploading a .zip file that contains multiple image files. If you have a large set of images to upload, it can be more efficient to first add them all to a .zip file and then just upload the .zip file instead of uploading the images one by one.

To see how this works, create a .zip file on your computer that contains several image files, and then click Upload. The Extract zip checkbox is selected by default, which will cause the uploaded images in the .zip to be extracted and added to the folder.

The uploaded and extracted images are displayed in their parent folder.

To see or edit the details of an individual uploaded image, click it.

Change History

  • Updates for Orchard 1.1
    • 3-16-11: Updated all screen shots and menu choices text.