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This document targets Orchard developers. Using only the admin dashboard, you will create a gallery that renders thumbnails of images that you select from the Media folder. Afterward, you can customize the gallery with CSS and an alternate HTML template.

Create the Image Gallery Content Type

  • From the admin dashboard, click Content Definition.
  • The Manage Content Types page will open.
  • Click Create new type.
  • Give the new type a Display Name (e.g. My Image Gallery).
  • Click Create.

New content type

  • When you click create, Orchard will open the Add Parts page.
  • Check Widget, then click Save.
  • The Edit Content Type page will now show.
  • Change the Stereotype to Widget and click Save.
  • Then click Add Field.
  • The Add New Field page will open.
  • Choose Media Library Picker Field.
  • Name the field (e.g. My Media Library Picker Field.)
  • Click Save.

Add a new field

  • After you click save, click on the down carat beside the new field.
  • Check "Allow multiple content items."
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  • You will now have the following Content Type. It has both a Widget Part and a Media Library Picker Field.

Finished content type

Add the Widget a Zone

  • From the admin dashboard, click on Widgets.
  • Click Add beside any zone (e.g. BeforeContent.)
  • The Choose a Widget page will open.
  • Choose the Widget that you just created (i.e. My Image Gallery.)
  • The Add Widget page will open.
  • Give the Widget a Title (e.g. My Gallery Widget.)
  • Click the Add button below the "My Media Library Picker Field" label.
  • The Media Library Picker modal will show.

In this screen shot, we have already imported some images and created some folders. You can create folders using the Create Folder button. You can import images by opening a folder and clicking the Import button. This tutorial assumes you know how to do that.

Finished content type

  • Select the images that you want to display.
    • Tip: Use ctrl + click to select multiple images at once.
  • Then click the Select button in the lower left of the modal (it's a bit hidden.)
  • The Add Widget page will again display. Click Save.
  • Visit the front end of your site to see the scaffolding of an image gallery.

Customize the Look of the Gallery

  • Turn on Shape Tracing
  • Create an Alternate for the Fields_MediaPickerLibrary
  • Edit the HTML and add CSS.
  • Here are example alternate templates, courtesy of Bertrand Le Roy's Codeplex Reply


@using Orchard.ContentManagement
@using Orchard.MediaLibrary.Fields
@using Orchard.Utility.Extensions;    
    var field = (MediaLibraryPickerField) Model.ContentField;
    string name = field.DisplayName;
    var contents = field.MediaParts;
<section class="media-library-picker-field media-library-picker-field @name.HtmlClassify()">
@foreach(var content in contents) 
        @Display(BuildDisplay(content, "Summary"))


@using Orchard.MediaLibrary.Models
@using Orchard.Utility.Extensions;
    MediaPart mediaPart = Model.ContentItem.MediaPart;
<a href="@mediaPart.MediaUrl">
    src="@Display.ResizeMediaUrl(Width: 200, Height: 200, Mode: "crop", Alignment: "middlecenter", Path: mediaPart.MediaUrl)"   
    alt="@mediaPart.Caption" class="thumbnail"/>