To facilitate sharing of modules and themes, Orchard lets you register gallery feeds. When gallery feeds are registered in an Orchard site, you can browse, install, or download the available modules and themes from the feeds by using the Orchard dashboard. This topic shows you how to register new gallery feeds and remove existing feeds from an Orchard site.

To see the gallery feed registration screen, expand the dashboard Settings section and then click Gallery.

The Gallery Feeds screen displays currently registered feeds.

As the illustration shows, by default an Orchard site provides a single registered gallery feed from You can add feeds or delete existing feeds.

To register an additional feed, click the Add Feed button.

In the Add a Feed screen, enter a URL and then click Add Feed.

Note For information about publishing a module or theme to the default Orchard gallery feed, visit the gallery website. To learn how to create and expose a custom gallery of themes or modules, see the reference implementation of a gallery website at and

To view the contents of a feed in your browser, click the feed link in the Gallery Feeds screen. (If you are using Internet Explorer and it renders the gallery instead of displaying the feed contents, go to Internet Options and turn off the feed-reading feature.)

Change History

  • Updates for Orchard 1.8
    • 9-04-14: Updated the gallery feed and the screen shots.
  • Updates for Orchard 1.1
    • 3-23-11: Updated screens and UI options for registering feeds.