You can add additional functionality to your site by enabling and disabling features exposed by the modules that are installed to Orchard. To view the available features, click Features under the Modules heading in the Orchard admin panel.

The Features screen displays the available features that can be enabled or disabled. Depending on which features are enabled or disabled, your site will have different admin panel options, front-end user interface elements, and other behaviors. The default view of available features displays in "Box" view (to maximize the number of features displayed at a glance).

You can also switch views to "List" view if you prefer to see your features as a list of items with more verbose descriptions.

To enable a feature, simply click Enable for that feature.

When a feature is enabled a message appears at the top of the Features screen telling you the feature was enabled successfully.

A feature can depend on one or more other features (listed under the feature name). When a feature with dependencies is enabled, the dependencies are also automatically enabled. For example, the Gallery feature depends on the Packaging Commands feature, which in turn depends on Packaging.

Enabling Gallery will enable Packaging Commands and Packaging.

Enabling a feature (such as Gallery), will sometimes add additional menu items in the admin panel, as shown in the previous image.

Orchard also provides a command-line interface, from which you can also list, enable, and disable features. You can find the Orchard command-line tool in the bin directory of the application, and run it from the root of the website by typing bin\orchard.exe at the Windows command-prompt. To list available features, type feature list or feature list /Summary:true at the command-prompt.

Enable a feature from the command-line by typing feature enable <feature-name>, for example: feature enable Gallery.

For more information about the Orchard command-line interface, see Using the command-line interface.

Change History

  • Updates for Orchard 1.8
    • 9-07-14: Updated all the screen shots for Enabling/Disabling feaures