This document is providing the steps in order to do so.

If you just need to compile locally, and you want to use IIS on your dev machine instead of the built-in development web server, all you need to do is to go into the properties of the Orchard.Web project in Visual Studio, go to the Web tab and check use local IIS Web Server instead of the default development server.

If instead what you need is a clean version of the application ready to run, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have either the .NET SDK or Visual Studio installed (in the latter case, make sure you are using a Visual Studio command prompt).
  2. Enlist in the source
  3. Open a Visual Studio command prompt or a .NET SDK command prompt at the location of your enlistment and run build Precompiled. This will build the application into a build subdirectory.
  4. Deploy the contents of the \build\Precompiled directory into a clean IIS web site's root directory.
  5. If you are running on a 64 bit system, go into the advanced setting of the application pool for the application and make sure 32 bit applications are enabled (create a new app pool if you have to).
  6. Create an App_Data folder under the IIS application's root. Make sure the directory is empty.
  7. Configure File and Folder Permissions for the user that IIS is running under. If you're not sure what that user is, go to IIS Authentication for the application. If anonymous access is enabled, the user is the local IIS_IUSRS. These are the folders that will require permissions:
    • App_Data - write
    • Media - write
    • Themes - write (for gallery support)
    • Modules - write (for gallery support)
    • root - read
  8. Browse to the application. You should see the setup screen at this point.

Note: IIS6 is not supported.