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Auto Setup (OrchardCore.AutoSetup)

The auto-setup module allows to automatically install the application/tenants on the first request.

JSON Configuration Parameters

    "OrchardCore_AutoSetup": {
    "AutoSetupPath": "",
    "Tenants": [
            "ShellName": "Default",
            "SiteName": "AutoSetup Example",
            "SiteTimeZone": "Europe/Amsterdam",
            "AdminUsername": "admin",
            "AdminEmail": "",
            "AdminPassword": "OrchardCoreRules1!",
            "DatabaseProvider": "Sqlite",
            "DatabaseConnectionString": "",
            "DatabaseTablePrefix": "",
            "RecipeName": "SaaS"
            "ShellName": "AutoSetupTenant",
            "SiteName": "AutoSetup Tenant",
            "SiteTimeZone": "Europe/Amsterdam",
            "AdminUsername": "tenantadmin",
            "AdminEmail": "",
            "AdminPassword": "OrchardCoreRules1!",
            "DatabaseProvider": "Sqlite",
            "DatabaseConnectionString": "",
            "DatabaseTablePrefix": "tenant",
            "RecipeName": "Agency",
            "RequestUrlHost": "",
            "RequestUrlPrefix": "tenant"
Parameter Description
AutoSetupPath The URL To Trigger AutoSetup For Each Tenant. If empty, auto-setup will be triggered on first tenant request e.g: /, /tenant-prefix
Tenants The list of the tenants to install.
Parameter Description
ShellName The technical shell/tenant name. It can not be empty and must contain characters only. Use "Default" for the default tenant.
SiteName The name of the site.
AdminUsername The tenant username of the super user.
AdminEmail The email of the tenant super user.
AdminPassword The password of the tenant super user.
DatabaseProvider The database provider.
DatabaseConnectionString The connection string.
DatabaseTablePrefix The database table prefix. Can be used to install a tenant on the same database.
RecipeName The tenant installation Recipe Name.
RequestUrlHost The tenant host url.
RequestUrlPrefix The tenant url prefix.


Tenants array must contain root tenant with ShellName equals to Default.
Each tenant will be installed on demand (on the first tenant request).
If AutoSetupPath is provided, it must be used to trigger the installation for each tenant e.g:
/autosetup - trigger installation of Root Tenant
/mytenant/autosetup - auto-install mytenant

Environment Variables

Since JSON configuration contains admin-sensitive information, it is recommended to use Environment Variables instead.

"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__AutoSetupPath": ""

"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__ShellName": "Default"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__SiteName": "AutoSetup Example"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__SiteTimeZone": "Europe/Amsterdam"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__AdminUsername": "admin"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__AdminEmail": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__AdminPassword": "OrchardCoreRules1!"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__DatabaseProvider": "Sqlite"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__DatabaseConnectionString": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__DatabaseTablePrefix": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__0__RecipeName": "SaaS"

"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__ShellName": "AutoSetupTenant"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__SiteName": "AutoSetup Tenant"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__SiteTimeZone": "Europe/Amsterdam"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__AdminUsername": "tenantadmin"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__AdminEmail": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__AdminPassword": "OrchardCoreRules1!"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__DatabaseProvider": "Sqlite"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__DatabaseConnectionString": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__DatabaseTablePrefix": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__RecipeName": "Agency"
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__RequestUrlHost": ""
"OrchardCore__OrchardCore_AutoSetup__Tenants__1__RequestUrlPrefix": "tenant"

For testing purposes, you may add the above environment variables into a "web" profile in the launchSettings.json file of the OrchardCore.Cms.Web project.
Then, start the web app project with the following command:

dotnet run -f net5.0 --launch-profile web


dotnet run -f netcoreapp3.1 --launch-profile web

Enabling Auto Setup Feature

To enable the Auto Setup feature, it is necessary to add it in the Web project's Startup file:

    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

This feature is enabled by default in the default project included in the source code, but is not with the application templates to prevent any unexpected behavior when a custom project is created.

Last update: April 16, 2021
Authors: Antoine Griffard, Dean Marcussen, Jasmin Savard, S├ębastien Ros