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HTML Sanitizer

An HTML Sanitizer is available as part of the Orchard Core Infrastructure.

The Sanitizer cleans user input that could lead to XSS attacks.

It is used by default for the following parts and fields:

  • HTML Body Part
  • HTML Field
  • Markdown Body Part
  • Markdown Field


To disable sanitization on these fields disable the Sanitize Html option in the field or part settings.

Razor Helper


Defaults configuration

The elements sanitized by default are listed on this page:

Orchard Core changes these defaults by:

  • allowing the attribute class
  • removing the tag form

Configuring the Sanitizer

The sanitizer is configurable using IOptions<HtmlSanitizerOptions> during service registration with a configuration extension method ConfigureHtmlSanitizer.

You may call this extension method multiple times during the startup pipeline to alter configurations.

    .ConfigureServices(tenantServices =>
        tenantServices.ConfigureHtmlSanitizer((sanitizer) =>

Refer for options.