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To measure how fast Orchard Core is (usually, it's pretty fast :)), we employ some benchmarking. You can help extend the benchmarking suite too! (See the code contribution guidelines.)


In the OrchardCore.Benchmarks project we have several benchmarks created with BenchmarkDotNet. When we troubleshoot some performance issues, we extend these to measure the performance impact of the changes.

Running OrchardCore.Benchmarks benchmarks

The project is a console application. Build the whole solution in Release mode, then run OrchardCore.Benchmarks (it'll be under test/OrchardCore.Benchmarks/bin/Release/net8.0/OrchardCore.Benchmarks.exe): You'll see a CLI menu to select which benchmark to run. Alternatively, you can use one of BenchmarkDotNet's console arguments.

ASP.NET Core Benchmarks

The ASP.NET Core Benchmarks also include some continuous benchmarks of Orchard Core. The results can be seen under, among the MVC benchmarks (select "MVC" from the menu by clicking the page numbers at the bottom; direct link here).