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The Orchard Core community is a thriving hub of collaboration and knowledge exchange, where diverse members come together to contribute to the growth and innovation of Orchard Core. This dynamic group is characterized by its shared passion for development and a commitment to supporting one another.

All of our Contributors

Orchard Core is steered and built by all of those who contribute, with code, bug reports and feature requests, code reviews, documentation, and in any other way.


Do you want to become an Orchard Core contributor too? Awesome! Check out our contribution guide.

Honorable Members

In recognizing those who have played instrumental roles in our collective journey, we extend our gratitude to the following honorable members:

Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award

After the passing of our beloved Jean-Thierry to honor him, keep his memory alive, and foremost, inspire people to do good work for the community, we launched an award named after him for exceptional community members.

See details of the Jean-Thierry Kéchichian Community Award here.