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Features (OrchardCore.Features)

List of features available in Orchard Core:

Name Available
Site Setup Pre-Alpha
Setup steps (Configuration, Features, Import content) in Json Pre-Alpha
Administration Pre-Alpha
Custom Admin Menus Beta 3
Menu Alpha
Navigation API Pre-Alpha
Content Types Pre-Alpha
Content Parts Pre-Alpha
Content Fields (Text, Numeric, Link, Boolean) Pre-Alpha
Edit and Display modes for fields Beta 3
Date, Time and Local DateTime Fields Beta 3
Content Picker Beta 3
Predefined list Beta 3
Content Items API Pre-Alpha
Content Live preview Alpha
Content Status: Draft, Published Alpha
Versionable Content Beta 2
File based Content Definition Beta 3
HTML editor Alpha
Markdown editor Alpha
Custom Settings Alpha
Multi-tenancy Pre-Alpha
Tenants management Alpha
Tenants API Beta 3
Features by tenant Beta 3
Static File provider by tenant Beta 3
Document database: YesSql Pre-Alpha
SQL Provider independent Alpha
Deployment (Import/Export) Alpha
Liquid Templating Beta
Custom Liquid Filters Beta
Theming Beta
Alternates (Override views) Beta
Resource manager Pre-Alpha
CDN support Alpha
Widgets Beta
Zones (Layout sections in which you add widgets) Beta
Layers (Display widgets depending on a rule) Beta
Scripting (JS) Alpha
Page with widgets Beta 2
Forms Beta 2
Asset Management Beta
Media Picker Beta 2
Azure Blob Storage Beta 2
Image Resizing Beta
Mass Upload Beta
Modules support Pre-Alpha
Modules management Alpha
Friendly Urls Alpha
Custom aliases Beta
Homepage Alpha
List module Pre-Alpha
Migrations Beta
Taxonomies Beta 3
RSS Feeds Alpha
XmlRpc/MetaWeblog API Alpha
Workflows Beta 2
Users management Pre-Alpha
Roles management Pre-Alpha
Permissions Pre-Alpha
Content type permissions Beta 3
Facebook authentication Beta 3
Google authentication Beta 3
Microsoft authentication Beta 3
Microsoft Azure AD authentication Beta 3
Twitter authentication Beta 3
Data Protection Beta 2
ReCaptcha Beta 3
Google Analytics Beta 3
User registration Beta 2
Email verification Beta 2
Password reset Beta 2
Open Id: Authorization server, JWT Beta 2
HTTPS redirection Beta 3
Email messaging Beta 2
Logging: NLog, Serilog Beta 3
Indexing/Search Alpha
Queries (Lucene, SQL) Beta
GraphQL Beta 3
Background tasks Pre-Alpha
Dynamic caching Beta 2
Fragment caching Beta 2
Response caching Beta 3
Views localization (PO Files) Beta
Cultures Beta 3
Time zones Beta 3
User time zone Beta 3
Mini Profiler Beta 3
Health Check Beta 3
Reverse Proxy Beta 3
Response compression Beta 3
The Agency Theme Beta
The Blog Theme Beta 2
The Coming soon Theme Beta 3
Content Localization RC
RTL admin theme RC
Localization packages RC
Resources CDN RC
Media CDN support RC
GitHub authentication RC
Facebook applications RC
.NET Core 3.0 RC
Azure Media resizing RC
SQL fields indexing RC
Full Text aspect RC

These features are currently in development or expected for an upcoming version of Orchard Core:

Name Available
Seo -
Site Map -
Distributed hosting -
Jobs queue -
Output caching -
Entities API -
Versioning -
Extensible User Profiles -
GraphQL mutations -

Last update: October 31, 2020
Authors: Dean Marcussen